Friday, July 23, 2010

The Last Airbender

Awful movie, cheesy music, cheesy acting, bad directing and writing just a big mess. where to start, the dramatic music gave me a head ache like nothing else it just went on and on. Thought it was a musical for a little but no one song so I guess not. But they did dance for 5 min before the can use their powers. So anyone with 50/50 vision and a gun wins, you have 5 min shoot in their general direction bound to get a hit. Now the acting with self narration, for example a guy climbing a ladder, someone shouts out he's climbing a ladder, like the old time batman show. I was clapping at the end of the movie because I was glad it was over. I think their going to make a part two, which I won't be watching. Even if James Cameron wrote and directed it and the actors were play boy bunnies in 3D.......... Ok that's a excellent idea, anyone got James Cameron phone # let get it started :). Awful movie please don't watch it only encourages.

PS. anyone seen the 3D TV's, blow my mind.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

The Sorcerer's Apprentice

No good, I think Nicholas Cage is a great actor, which is why I think if his Co star acting is just good he ends up looking bad. For instants Face off, john travolta acting sucked to me. Same happened here, Jay Baruchel character started out as for lack of better words a weakling which is fine. That's call character development, start off weak and lack confidences. Then grows as the story develops, not in this case started off weak and annoying, then ended weak and annoying. No character development and I didn't fine the movie interesting. So thumb down.

PS. John Travolta is highly over rated as a actor, could be just me.