Tuesday, November 27, 2007


Pretty good action movie, not real thrilling, the main character didn't have much of a personally. But he is a Hitman so he sudden have one. Did not expect much from this movie, so it was better than I expected not much of a endorsement. good enough to go to pay to see, not awesome or great.

The Mist

Good movie, if you can get over the stupidity of wanting to leave a grocery store full of food for months. They spent two days in the store, shelfs full of food but want to leave into the mist at least wait for the food to run out. But still pretty good, thumbs up

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Fred Claus

I didn't expect much from this movie, But it was WORST than I expected. My 9 bucks would be better spent buying Christmas gifts for spoil rich kids or throwing into a wishing well, I threw a quarter in a wishing well but didn't get my wish (My hour and 30 minutes back) To finish don't watch it.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Dan in Real Life

The movie is base around Dan's life his job, family, kids, and his love life. At first I thought this movie was going to be more tailored for an older audience about 40yr up. But as the story progress I found myself getting drawn into the movie and when it was over, I felt it was an excellent movie I recommend you watch it. Steve Carell is a great actor, never thought of him in the movie as a actor, you know with some actor you can say that's exp. Jackie Chan, he was his character Dan.

P.S. Is he and Steve Colbert the same person? they look alike to me. Like that guy who played Spider man and that guy how was the hobbit in the lord of the ring. I'm pretty sure that's the same person in both movies.

Monday, November 12, 2007

The Man from Earth

The man from earth is a thinking movie about a history professor who is immortal. He is leaving suddenly from his job. His friends came to say goodbye and convince him to stay. They ask him why he's leaving he tells them he's a immortal. The movie has one scene a house, where they ask him question about being a immortal to prove or disprove it. their's a simple way to tell if he's a immortal or not, throw him in a room for 50 years for someone who as lived for thousands of years it should be an hour for him. I would only need 20 years the other 30 years is if he's a immortal, I would have to get rich enough to build a secret lab to see what make him a immortal and how can I become a immortal, he's being a little bit selfish their. Great to rent not for the theaters.

Saturday, November 10, 2007

The Comebacks

Hilarious, I thought this movie was going to be a next pathetic attempt to mirror the first Scary Movie (with the Wayne bros.) like Date Movie was, god Date Movie sucked. But I was surprised to find that this movie was just as funny as Scary Movie. Definitely recommend you watch this movie.

Bee Movie

6 bee thumbs down are how ever many thumbs a bee has (I know bees don't have thumbs you get the point). I thought maybe because I wasn't a kid that's why i didn't like it, so I ask some kids they did not like it either. The only good thing I can say about this movie is that it has funny one liners like the one you hear a drum roll after. He should stick to stand up or make more Seinfeld show, that show was hilarious, this movie is NOT.

Friday, November 9, 2007


Great movie, the same transformers you loved as a kid made for grown ups. But just as you wanted to run to the stores as a kid to buy your favorite transformers, has you wanting to run to the dealer ship to buy the car you saw in the transformers somethings never change except for the price of the toy.

The Game Plan

Nice movie, the plot was good coming to a predictable but good ending. nothing bad to say about this movie.

worth watching

30 Days of night

Stupid movie, was not scary at all. It should be called Dumb and Dumberer the vampire edition. Not to ruin it for you, if you plan on wasting your money to watch it. The vampires trap a town of people in Alaska, to have a feast during the 30 days of night. WoW sounds pretty good to me, but when they go on the feast they bit their food(human) making a stupid mess after 5 second of making a mess then they show there fangs aaaaaaaahhaaaar leaving the humans to bleed to death on the floor or turn into vampires. It's like going to a buffet get a plate full of your favorite food then slamming your face into it shaking your head side to side. the vampires were more like fast zombies, in zombies I mean brain dead.

Saw lV

Finally a bad sequel in the saw series. the first movie was perfect with one of the best ending I have ever seen. then the second was good to but did not play to the tune of the first movie but still good. then the third came and tied everything in to one excellent movie. the fourth is the bad sequel the plot was weak and the movie was all over the place, half way thru the movie had me wonder what going on here(what the plot). probably my expectation were too high.

American Gangsta

Great movie, lot of great actor. Which I thought was going to be a over kill but all the actor played there part in the movie, not over shining the plot of the movie.

worth paying to see