Wednesday, December 19, 2012

A Haunted House

Really funny movie, Its going to be exactly, what you think it going to be like. Kinda childish, but not for kids I repeat not for kids. A lady came with her 5 kids, to the screening I when to in Miami beach and walked out after 5 min. I really liked it, cracked up alot, to the point their were tears in my eyes, that's the max anyone can laugh so thumbs up. if you liked the original scary movie you're going to like this one. PS Marlon Wayne actually showed up to my screening pretty cool.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Final Destination 5

Ok movie, I'm surprise to be saying it was a ok movie. Maybe because I went in with low expectations. but this one had a little interesting twist to it. And yeah the gruesome death which, I'm a little tried of. Wish they focused more and the story, or both unless there target audience is psychopaths. A straight to DVD movie, not worth going to the theaters to watch.

Rise of the Planet of the Apes

Really good movie, the prequel to the Planet of the Apes movie series. About a young geneticist trying to come up with a break thru care for is father and the world at large. what he ended up creating wasn't what he intended, a new intelligent race of monkeys or should I say apes. To me it explained a lot, don't know if that's how the original writer envision the beginning. But this movie didn't hurt the Planet of the Apes brand, just a great addition. Great movie with stunning visual effects, go watch thumbs up.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

The Help

truly an excellent movie, pre-civil rights era from the view of the women that were the help(slaves that got paid) no sugar coating here. Its about there stories, what they when thru, it was tough far sure but they held strong. But at the same time this movie was heart warming and down right funny. Minny Jackson was the funniest help, and she refused to put up with any crap lol. I just wouldn't eat any pies from her. more thumbs up than I have up, go watch when it comes out.

PS. You're going to like my pun when you watch this movie

Friends with Benefits

Excellent movie, some part I thought, I was going to die laughing. It's about a two recently single Dylan (Timberlake) and Jamie (Kunis).Jamie is a head hunter that's trying to recruit Dylan they ended up being friend, and they also thought it would be a good idea to add benefits. Just really funny I would pay to watch it again, when it comes out.

Horrible Bosses

Horrible movie, well maybe not horrible just barely tolerable. One of the bosses I would take below minimum wage to work for. thumbs down

Bad Teacher

Awful movie, enough said all the funny parts where in the commercial.

PS. I just saved you money


Really good movie, This movie is about Annie a woman who's life isn't going that great right now. Her best friend is getting married and she has to compete for her friendship or so she thinks. everything just seems to keep, going wrong while she trys to one up Becca. Funny movie gowatch thumbs up

Green Lantern

Didn't like it, but for some reason, Ryan Reynolds keep getting movie roles, for movies. He has no business being the star of, which is any movie. Every movie I see him in. I think to myself here we go again. He acts like he's in a movie, I like to be drawn in, to a movie and forget that it,s movie great actor can do that make u believe it real until the credit.

PS ever herd the saying "who most I screw to get ________ ask Ryan Reynolds

X-Men: First Class

Really good movie, as the title says the first X-men. Charles Xavier, magneto, Mystique and even Wolverine for a slit second, but one of the best part of the whole movie. Its about how they first met, and there first villain. just a really good movie go watch thumbs up.

Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides

Excellent movie, I'm scared the next movie is going to suck an, ruin the Pirates of the Caribbean name. But they always make an excellent adventure movie. This movie is about, the search for the fountain of youth. captain Jack Sparrow again, is rival and first, first mate Barbossa, and the infamous black beard. Sailing the sea to find the fountain of youth. loved it from beginning to end. thumbs up, excellent movie go watch.

PS check out the real


The Hangover Part II

Stupid movie, true be told. I thought the first one was just mildly funny. maybe shock humor isn't my thing. his time there in Thailand,got messed up again. Next day they try to put it, all back together. here's apart i find particularly stupid. Some kid they were with got his finger cut off, he cut it off we find out in the end But he's all cool with it, uh dude we had a good time so it's cool. I've had good time but I wouldn't trade a finger for a good time story. thumbs down

Fast Five

Good movie, true be told,I've been getting tired, of the whole fast and furious thing. but if they keep king good movies, you really can't complain. this one is in Brazil this time, and drug money if that isn't the recipe to a good movie I don't know what is.plenty of action, racing just fun.

Cars 2

Ok another one that should've went, straight to DVD. I'm pretty sure, the theme of this movie was a teaching one. Kids accept people for who, they are and alternative fuel is a myth. Right on both account. but so is don't running with scissors, but I wouldn't make a movie about that. its a kids movie so i think kids wold injoy it.

PS. I would like to see a movie about, why you shouldn't run with scissors. Sorry

Monday, July 11, 2011

Kung Fu Panda 2

Ok movie, not as good as the first, but sequels rarely are. the movie is abut pow's past and why is father isn't a goose, thought they shouldn't got a little more laugh out of that, but they kind of cut it short. all in all it's ok but i rather it had went straight to DVD.